Frasier: What are your specials today?
Waitress: Kenyan blend.
Frasier: No, no, no no. Still poaching elephants over there. Got something else?
Waitress: Dark roast Brazilian.
Frasier: Not until they do something about the loss of our rainforests.
Waitress: Salvadoran?
Frasier: No, I’ve never forgiven them for their human rights violations.
Waitress: Well, then we’re down to the Hawaiian Kona blend. Or have they slaughtered too many macadamia nuts?
The Candidate

Niles: Double latte, full fat, chocolate shavings.
Frasier: Ah. The self-pity special.
Agents in America

Niles: Double Cappuccino, half-caf, not-fat milk, with just enough foam to be aesthetically pleasing but not so much that it leaves a moustache.
Eric: Cinnamon or chocolate on that?
Niles: Oh they make this so complicated. Um, cinnamon.
A Midwinter Night’s Dream


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