warning signs…

I used to get up late in the morning ….until they started showing Frasier early in the morning on Lifetime. Two hours of Frasier early in the morning sets me up for the entire day. I am like a squirrel that stores up nuts for the winter. I don’t get to see Frasier back in India.

I caught myself trying to correct the grammar of a pit stop’s washroom grafitti…I realised that I am watching too much of Frasier. The other warning signs are there. I quote Frasier in almost all my blogs. I have a Frasier quote for every situation. I find that all dogs , especially , Jack Russell terriers, stare at me. I have always wanted to lunch at those snobby restaurants with French and Italian names…names that I cannot even pronounce. I like my Mac and Cheese al dente. I wipe off a chair before I sit on it. To choose my cup of coffee I give 4-5 directions to the barista.I talk incessantly of those subjects that are of no interest to anyone but me. I do believe that popularity is the hallmark of mediocrity. I name my unsuccessful culinary experiments as culinary Hindenbergs. But I also believe that there is only one thing better than an exquisite meal; an exquisite meal with a teeny tiny flaw that I can pick at all evening!

Also I know that no one but me is going to understand what this blog says. ..you know I think I am a bit psychic 🙂


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