Ma Kasam

I tell myself,”Its going to be just a few days. I have to stay here for just a few days more and then everything will be alright “. I used to watch star world and star movies back at home and now I wish I can hear the words ” chaar diwas sasuche!”. I used to cringe at the mere mention of the TV serial.

I see the tall sky scrapers, cowboys mingling with the city folk, people at bistros and roadside cafes. I look at Starbucks, the gourmet shops. I always wished to shop at such places and sip coffee at the wayside cafes and enjoy myself. But now I am reminded of long afternoons spent in CCD with my select group of friends, talking and laughing. I wish for the garam poha at Shankarnagar Square. Eating idlis and dosas at the udipi , just after early morning ED class.

I miss verbal feuds with my mom, cannot do that in a short phone call. I also miss kandyache thalipeet made over stimulating conversations with aai. Enjoying afternoon tea with the family. Talking and cooking lunch and dinner with maushi and aji. Sitting curled up in a large armchair and solving crossword puzzles with my sister.
I cry when I hear the words ‘sab kuch hai yahan par tum nahi ho ma’.

I realise that the ‘ma’ doesn’t stand for just my mother but to me it also includes my family and close friends. And I also realise that the ‘sab kuch’ isn’t as important as ‘ma’.

I am going to come back and ‘ma kasam’ I will…


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