Life is all about tradeoffs!

JERRY: All right. How ’bout this one: let’s say you’re abducted by aliens.
JERRY: They haul you aboard the mother ship, take you back to their planet as a curiosity. Now: would you rather be in their zoo, or their circus?
GEORGE: I gotta go zoo. I feel like I could set more of my own schedule.
JERRY: But in the circus you get to ride around in the train, see the whole planet!
GEORGE: I’m wearin’ a little hat, I’m jumpin’ through fire.. They’re puttin’ their little alien heads in my mouth..
JERRY[resigned]: At least it’s show business..
GEORGE: But in the zoo, you know, they might, put a woman in there with me to uh.. you know, get me to mate.
JERRY: What if she’s got no interest in you?
GEORGE: Well then I’m pretty much where I am now. At least I got to take a ride on a spaceship.


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