These weird conversations are in the spirit of Whose Line is it Anyway. Love the humour in their improv style.
So here it goes again!

Can you believe the incompetence of that man! I very clearly asked for a whisper of cinnamon, and he’s given me a full-throated shout! There are countries in this world where they would lop off his sprinkling hand!

Look at him. He doesn’t care whose life he’s ruined. All he cares about is his own selfish pleasure.

Bad dog! Look what you did!!

Rock Revolver. It’s a little strong but I think he can pull it off.

Give me a breath mint.

No, not Eddie!

But he’s weird! He gives me the creeps, all he does is stare at me!!

What is so fascinating about me? What is it?Am I some sort of canine enigma?

What the hell you doin’ with him??

I stayed up all night rubbing calamine lotion on his belly.

There’s nothing wrong with those hats. He looks good in hats. He’s got a hat face.

You know, it’s amazing how entertained he can be by something so simple.


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