My better half says that day by day my laugh sounds more like my mother’s.

They say that girls grow up to be more like their mothers. As a teenager, I must confess, I never wanted to be like my mother. During that time I have given my parents their more than fair share of teenage tempests!

I always commented on my mother’s laugh that it was too loud and it went on endlessly. I now realise that her laugh is a relflection of her enthusiasm, her ability to enjoy life. I was more concerned about appearances then. Speaking of appearances, I regard my mother as the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Simple, pure, unadulterated beauty inside out! Her laugh is contagious and it goes on and on till everyone else joins in the laugh and by that time she has created a laugh riot.

My father’s subtle jokes and her laugh are the only two things that I think of when I am down in the dumps. And then I am off, creating a laugh riot of my own wishing I would be more like my mother.

Love you Aai.


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