A New Project

I am now getting quite irrated by it.

People ask me what do I mean when I tell them that I have graduated with a Master of Design degree in Visual Communications. I was asked questions such as ‘ What do you mean by design?’, ‘ How can you be making papier mache toys one day and then get a job as a User Interface designer?’, ‘We always knew you were good at drawing, then is M.Des the same as MFA in Painting?’, ‘What do you mean when you say that you are studying design at IIT Kanpur, is it some new branch of engineering?’.

On more occassions than one, not wanting to answer such questions I have said that I completed M.Tech in Electrical Engg. This was out of the frustration of not being able to give a definite answer to such questions. I am passionate about design. I realized that giving a false impression of what I do and want to do, is to be disloyal to myself and to the discipline of design. If I am not proud of my profession, my passion then I am not true to myself.

I have decided to answer these questions and taken it up as a small self initiated project and I hope I get the necessary feedback to make this project a success.

This is the Phase 1 of the project. It will consist of fact finding and data collection. I have used this blog for people to share their experiences and comment on the questions asked.

For Designers:
Have you faced the same situations?
What answer do you give when you are asked the same question?

What other questions have you been asked about design, design education, etc.?

What do you feel when the person in front of you fails to understand the answer?

For the Questioners:
What is your perception of design?
What is the first thing that comes to your minds when someone tells them that he/she is a designer?
How do you define the word ‘design’?
What are the common examples of design that you encounter in their day to day activities?

These are the questions for now! Will be troubling you later as I get response to these questions.


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