Recycling Spaces

I love photographs like this. Old homes, factories, warehouses and office buildings. In this photo, a silo and a factory A belonging to Pillsbury. I would love to renovate and make a home in a warehouse loft and an adjoining silo.

Wouldn’t it be fun to keep the old character of the building and still make it a liveable house. Open brickwork, floor to ceiling windows, and huge rooms.

I recently read a book titled Recycled Spaces:Converting Old Buildings into New Homes. This book has very good photographs of converted buildings and the author has tried to give some guidelines regarding mezzanine floors, ceilings, reusing the existing features of the buildings. She has included buldings such as factories, warehouses, community buildings, churches, barns, silos, and movie theaters. It is a good read and moreover a good see. For couch potato space designers like me it gives a starting point. But there are no set guidelines to renovating spaces.

Another view of the same Pillsbury mill. This is at Minneapolis,Minnesota.

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