Baba (An ode to the bandar)

Oh! Let me out of here,
They have put me in a loony bin,
Strapped inside a straightjacket,
Making silly sins,

Oh let me out of here!
They threw me in for free,
They say I impersonated a Human,
When I infact was a Bandar!

Resorting to silly name calling,
I score a sixer And shout around like a Bandar,
But this is a secret you know,
Playing virtual cricket is what I know!

I love ogling the young of the fairer sex,
But Kya Kare they consider me an Ibex!
On Rakhi I flee to the inner reaches of my room,
Nobody wants me as the Bridegroom.

I have a lot of friends,
They have fun at my expense.
But when they have to talk,
I am the priest of my Flock!

Oh ! They all think I am a wuss,
But wait till they go Dhaam Phus,
Hear the cries of ‘ Athanda Ethanda’
When I sing and dance to the tunes of the South.

Rajni and I , the Bandar are never apart,
I will protect his name from slander and art,
A single bullet will split into two ,
And kill all my enemies too.


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