Baba Yaga, the fearsome witch with the iron teeth

How can I sign out for today without mentioning Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga, is a fearsome witch from the fairytales of Russia. She struck terror in the hearts of all the village people. She used to live on the edge of the forest in a hut with chicken legs. The hut was surrounded by a fence of human bones and two skulls were perched over the gate posts. They glowed in the dark striking terror in the hearts of man and animal alike.

She has iron teeth and a nose so long that the roof rattles when she snores. Her arrival is heralded by all the dark spirits and a wild wind begins to flow. She travels not on a broom but in a mortar and makes her way through the forest by pushing the pestle.

Not your traditional witch , eh?

Read more about her here:

By the way Baba means old woman in Russian.


2 thoughts on “Baba Yaga, the fearsome witch with the iron teeth

  1. Gayatri

    hey..i just discovered this blog of yours..anand had told me abt it quite some time ago, but i typed in ‘mypythonland’, forgot the ‘own’ part of it, i guess..

    anyway, am just browsing through and it’s great fun reading your posts. this one, for instance makes me so nostalgically happy, you can’t imagine..vasilisa the beautiful and ivan the brave and emelya the fool..all come parading down the memory lane!

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