The silence before the storm of tomorrow

Today I am intimidated by the tyranny of a blank page.
After putting all my meandering thoughts on ‘paper’ yesterday
I still have something to write.

The maelstrom in my mind is endless.
But the blank paper stares at me.


But then the intensity of thoughts builds up.
Like a kettle on the boil.
And the stillness is shattered by the venting off of steam from the spout.

And a torrent or words bursts through my head,
Through my fingers and pours itself onto the bare paper

My fingers type away in a rhythm of their own,
Faltering, stumbling over keys on the keypad.

The CAPS LOCK REMAINS ON and I type on without noticing,
A glance at the screen brings me back to the keyboard,

I retype the sentence,
And I still keep writing.

Karen on TV plays with Jack,
A verbal duel of dimwits.

Will and Grace share a dysfunctional relationship,
Why I keep awake at night , is an insight that I lack!

The urge to write is diminishing

Fingers cramp
I type slowly.

My eyelids feel limp
Fatigue takes over

My eyes close recurrently
The bedroom door opens

The bed tempts me with quiet repose

Let me surrender to the calm
Let stillness and tranquility envelope me

Dreamless sleep

Snug within the folds of a quilt
In the arms of my love

The silence before the storm of tomorrow.

Good Night!


2 thoughts on “The silence before the storm of tomorrow

  1. A Visitor from Canopus

    Great Blog Manjiri. Very impressive, simple style of writing. Keep it up.
    Visitor From Canopus.


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