D: E & E

Have just posted the first post on the new blog.

Its all published and ready to be seen and read.

I hope this idea of a new blogfolio works out. Because , first of all, its new, its fresh. I have seen blogs in other designers websites and blogs about design. Coroflot has comments as a new feature. But it doesn’t have the feel of a designer’s sketchbook. People are attracted to something that evolves, someting that changes. As a designer I am in a constant state of flux, modifying and mutating myself or my designs to suit the changing constraints.

I like to see works of other designers and visit their personal websites regularly. But rarely have I seen them updated;whereas their blogs are.

So why not present a portfolio in a blog? A Blogfolio.
P.S It is not going to be an online design sketchbook or a journal.

Really don’t want to pay for webspace! 🙂


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