I love these words

Stream of Consciousness

Sketch Show

Absurdist Trends

Slippery Sounding

Style and Content

Visual Trends

Twice a Fortnight

Two Man Show

Complete and Utter

Beyond the Fringe

Simply Silly Sulking

Simper and Pamper

Irreverent and Anarchic

Beware of the Elephants

Not Only…But Also

Missiles Coming Out of Church Steeples

Their approach to writing was democratic

Carte Blanche

A La Carte

Arthur Megapode’s Flying Circus

Cold Open

Closing Credits

Far too Silly


Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time

Dead Parrot


Lumberjack Song

Upper Class Twit of the Year

The Ministry of Silly Walks

Speaking in Falsetto

Nudge Nudge

One Stop Cheese Stop

Cult Following

Delerium Tremens

Ripping Yarns

Working Class Stereotypes

The End


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