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The Dilbert Blog: My Invisible Caveman Friend

Found this on the net a few hours ago. Had to post it!

Since I post links to some other blogs does this mean that I am revoking someone else’s copyright? Are there any laws related to this?

These questions have got me thinking.


This is the first link I opened after googling for blog etiquette.

In short:

1) The first thing to remember is that this is going to be public knowledge – not just today, but for the rest of your life

2) This isn’t a matter of censorship – it’s a matter of giving mature thought to each thing you publish. You are publishing to a world audience.

3) Always be accurate. Lies have a way of always being discovered.

4) Use a spell checker on your content.

5) Finally, be yourself. Speak with your own voice. Write about how you feel about the issues.

Yeah finally found this:

Referring to someone else’s blog post. If you are blogging about a specific post on someone else’s blog or on a news site, you should ALWAYS include the link in the text of your post (could be an a href or simply a typed link).

Referring to another blogger, without reference to a specific post. When you want to mention a “friend” or other fellow blogger, it is courteous to adding a hyperlink behind their name or the name of the blog.

Do I need to let people comment to my blog? Generally, if you are commenting on other people’s blogs frequently, it is respectful to allow comments on your own blog.

Appropriate comments, of course, depend on the blog and the poster. An obvious overall guideline is to take your cue from the blog author, and other “guests.”
The number two rule about appropriate comments is to always make your comments applicable and unique.


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