Laptop Burns

I have been using the laptop a lot lately. I work on the laptop by keeping it not on the table as I should have done, but on my lap.

It gets heated after a while and then it reddens my skin. I found out why it does that.
The outlet for the laptop fan gets blocked. The air has no where to go out from and it heats up the laptop.

Therefore, I think that the laptop has a flawed design. Since its supposed to be a lap top, users are expected to keep it on their laps when working. But the designers should have taken the laptop fan into account when designing. The laps block the outlet for air!

Google for laptop burns and you will find amazing stories of people having burnt more than just their skins!

Here are a couple of things that laptop users should do when they work with a laptop.

1) Never keep the laptop on your lap when you know that you will be working on it for more than an hour or so.

Use the table instead!

Keep the laptop on a table and work on it as you would work on a desktop. And besides, your posture is better when you are working on a table and a chair.

You can use an external mouse which is way better.
And if the chair is comfortable and the table is at optimum height then there is nothing like it!

2) If the laptop gets too hot when its on your lap, keep it on the table on a couple of wooden blocks just so that the hot air is dissipated. The laptop cooling time is atmost 15 minutes. You can take a small snack break or exercise your hands and massage your eyes with the palm of your hand!

3) If there is any redness, then apply cold water or ice to the area. You can also alleviate the pain by using aloe vera lotion or any calming or moisturizing lotion. If you observe any redness on your skin persisting after a day or two see your doctor immediately. They could be secondary burns!


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