Rhapsodies of Words

What a wonderful word it is!
There are some words that I like the sound of when writing and when pronouncing. This is one of them.

The tip of the pen gently glides over the flourish of the R and continues upwards to make the H and stabilizes for a bit on A and dips suddenly to form a P…silently rises upwards and downwards in a gentle curve, then forms the (w)hole (I just realized that the word whole if describing a circle signifies both the hole (the emptiness)and the whole (the fullness)of O… and after D finally submits itself to rest in Y.

There is poetry in this word…fleeting yet organic, free-flowing in structure… featuring a range of highly contrasted moods… an air of spontaneous inspiration…ephemeral…

Some other words I love are:
Hodge podge
Glimmer of sunlight


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