Sounds of Silence

Waiting for S to come…it’s just me on this floor…but I can hear some distant voices.

I sit listening to the silence: the distant voices, the rumble of the water cooler, faint kuhoo kuhoo of the koel, the hum of airconditioning, people adjusting their cubicles before the start of the day, Harish, the office boy, sweeping the floor and the mop’s clicking noise mingles with the click clack that my fingers make when moving on the keyboard as I write today’s 3 beautiful things and send them to my closest friends.

Now, I wait for their replies.

I listen again…there is another click clack noise going on in some cubicle nearby. This is a softer click clack than mine. I think that the person uses a laptop.

I take a peek…I am correct.

S yesterday probably decided that her cubicle looks too barren now that she has removed the photographs. She decorates the blank walls with colorful paper flowers. They look happy. She looks happy too since the last couple of days. Is it because of the flowers or is it the other way round?

I glance away from her cubicle and my eyes fall on the Blue Froggie (who really looks blue by the way) and the Yellow Tortoise. They look sad. Froggie’s beady black eyes stare at me. I realize that their positions must change.

….Yes now they look happy…

And I feel that too…


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