Today morning…

1. Saving a rat on the road from becoming road kill by shouting to the driver in front and alerting her about the rat…It turned out to be a funny scene with the woman remaining jumpy and glancing here and there like a rat herself, minutes after the rat was cozy in its favorite gutter.

2. Being stuck in a traffic jam, made me see the life that just whizzes by when I drive past…intent on being in the office at 8:45…

3. I have photos on my desk …they are of places and people that have given me immense happiness and a sense of calm. One of these photos is of a herd of sheep high up in the Himalayas, somewhere near Gangotri. I had taken this photo when I was trekking there, 4 years ago. That day is still fresh in my memory.

It was one of those days, when I don’t feel the need to talk to someone. All I want to do on such days is enjoy the space that I am in.

There I am wearing a jeans that barely manages to hang onto my waist…Yes there have been such days …14days of trekking and 10 kms each day can do that to a person who has forgotten to pack a belt and the rope used in place of the belt has been eaten by a mule…a Kodak point and shoot camera in my hand…walking with a heavy rucksack on my back…looking at the peaks and not at the valleys (that made me dizzy)…and suddenly I am surrounded by this enormous herd of sheep…they encircle me…the alpha male in front and the rest behind bleating and rumbling

…and I hear the sounds of a mountain flute and I see the shepherd…It is the perfect and the most memorable day of my trekking endeavor…I capture it in that frame… As I look at it, I resolve that I will be there one day…trekking…and enjoying the crisp mountain air…Himalayas are addictive they say…


One thought on “Today morning…

  1. Rashmi

    Sighhh… now I want to go on a trek to the Himalayas too… I’ll settle for Goa for the time being, but the Himalayas will see me some day.

    We went to Nainital one August, and the hills are so gorgeous in the rains, that to date, Naini remains my favourite destination…


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