Jhoom Barabar Jhoom…Geeya Geeya Tirugu Bhoomi

Found the Guy (henceforth will be known as the Guy) from the next cube laughing…which is very unlike him…Realized later on that it was me who was making him laugh…I was jhooming and dancing in my seat….was listening to these songs….one Hindi and one Kannada.
I believed that smiling is the first step towards getting acquainted with some person…but not with this Guy…neither with the next door neighbour at Temple Trees.
My mom says…Smile! It is the first step to success….I wish it were true for friendship too!

In the earlier post I was wishing for Peace and Quiet…I got it…No one to boss over me today…Hope he gets well soon…( I ain’t that bad)…
Love my Levi Strauss Signature jeans, even if it does not fit me anymore…I got them in Dallas last year when I was at the height of my weight 😉 Sounds funny doesn’t it? Being at the Height of one’s Weight!!!
My tasks till July…What I hope to achieve:
1. Interiors for my living room all done.
2. 4 quiet weekends spent with my husband. We will be buying a car and two bicycles soon. Hope to get around a lot. Atleast around Bangalore
3. Work wise Improvement.
4. 3-4 good sketches and prints
5. Watch Monty Python’s Mosquito Hunter
6. Start learning Kannada…
7. Plan for the trip to Laddakh…

Wish Rashmi could write a Haiku for this photograph….


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