Walked up the stairs to the 6th floor only to find that it was raining…Love the surprise…Ever since I was a kid I have loved the rain…My Baba explained me the meaning of delta (th geographical delta not the mathematics one) when it was raining and one big stream of rainwater was building up sediments. We made a number of designs for boats…and sailed them away in the rainwater. Baba also showed us the rainbows in the water, he had forgotten to tell us how they were formed. My sister and I poured cooking oil from my Aai’s kitchen into the puddles to make them shine like rainbows…in vain. When my Baba got to know of what we had done..he generously took out some petrol from his scooter and spilt it in drops near the puddles and amazingly enough for us the rainbows started shining…

Today more than ever I need my Baba with me. Whenever he is there, my sickness just fades away. When I was a kid …oh! even now…he will give me a pedha to make me smile and then diagnose what is wrong with me and make me alright. His soothing voice, as he asks me ” Kashi ahes ga?” on the phone, makes me smile. I know that when he is there nothing can happen to me.
Lying in bed yesterday, I could see the top of the mango tree which just touches my bedroom balcony. The chirping of the birds and playing of the squirrels kept me entertained. As soon as I nodded off to sleep, Sam closed the curtains. I woke up to find the afternoon sunlight filtering through the orange curtains, making my dark bedroom bright orange.

My sister in law made very tasty and a much welcome Rasam for me. It perked me up immediately. And I also gulped down the Chocolate Mousse with Icecream that Sam had bought for me as a welcome gift when I came back from the Outbound.
My mother called me up every hour to monitor how I was feeling. So did my mother in law, father in law and grandmother in law.
I am a part of them and they are a part of me. It is difficult to separate us.
The client made the design exactly as I had suggested. That made me happy…
Pari called up last night to ask why I wasn’t in the office. I could not fathom how she knew it since she is in Hyd and me in B’lore. Chuckling, she tells me, that I did not send any 3BT’s yesterday which means that I am not in the office…Good reasoning on her part or maybe she knows me very well…
S is going to book tickets for a movie this weekend…It has been ages since we all met. It will be great to spend some time with each other after a long time…
Finally, updated my Flickr account….


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