I just found myself giving out the widest mouth opening yawn that I have ever given. Not that I measure my yawns but one generally knows. 🙂

This yawn is inspite of the online chat that I am having with my office – mate and the blogs that I am reading and also the work that I am doing…The sleep is not because of the work…The work actually is pretty interesting…I would like to blame my sleep on the fact that I feel creatively stuck.

So this is what I do when I am creatively stuck. I start writing incoherent posts…which I know will help me free up my mind. I will look at everybody’s photos, and read all blogs. I will visit all furniture online stores. I will dip my hand into the ‘100 things’ cup on my desk and will get ‘ Record all of the sounds you hear in the course of one hour’, and then into the ‘ What to do when you are stuck cards’ and pull out a card that says ‘Expose / Divulge’. It is upto me to interpret these cards…I am not even in the mood for interpreting the cards…

Another approach that I take when I am creatively stuck is that I will rearrange my workspace…the brain might start ticking in a fresher environment.

Or maybe I just need some caffeine to function. And not just ordinary coffee but pure Barista coffee might do the trick.. Which is where I am off to in the evening today…

Before I leave,
I just thought of my 3 BTs for today:
1. Rashmi pointing out in a comment on this blog that my 3BTs were actually 4. The extra BT is a cherry on top.

2. Silence…not of sounds but of people. There are people that keep sending me forwarded emails…the not so enjoyable kinds and I did not get any such spam today.

3. Just thinking of the new furniture at home makes me smile. Now, I just need to frame my sketches, prints and photographs so that I can put them up on the bare walls.

What this photograph represents is Wishful Thinking


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