Stag at Bay, Ersatz, Starlings

I just found out these things:

1. Stag at Bay: The animal painter / artist frequently mentioned in Wodehouse’s books, as Landseer who painted the famous ‘Stag at Bay’ which adorns Bertie’s Aunt Agatha’s dining room is actually real. I had presumed that Landseer was a fictional character. Well, there he was living in the early nineteenth century, well known for the lion sculptures in Trafalgar Square in London, the place usually frequented by Indian filmmakers for a wet white sari sequence in foreign lands…

2. Ersatz. This is a new word I learnt today. It means subsitute, usually of an inferior quality. We used to call it Jugaadoo in Design School parlance. But I have just found out that this is what works!
Designs of a mediocre and an inferior quality are also accepted!

3. Starlings. These are the birds that fascinated me when in Dallas. Every evening, after a day’s work they lined up on the electric cables and poles, over and under the parked cars in the parking lot and chirped the day’s gossip. Many a sketch and subsequently a few prints were printed by me. One of my prints of a Starling even earned me A grade that semester.
Another surprise is that they belong to the same family as the Indian mynas…Starlings are infact called mynas in India and neighboring tropical countries.


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