The Blog Post that Never was

I’d written a post a couple of days ago. The psychology of the individual (read: me) needs to be described. I was used by a couple of people, trampled upon, taken for granted and this all left the individual (read: me) very very bitter and angry. So, to vent my feelings, I had launched into a tirade of sorts using this medium…

As soon as I had published the blog, I knew that I had done the wrong thing. My blog is supposed to be heartfelt happiness, melancholy, intriguing and random at times…but not angry. It needs to have outbursts…but not of anger. It needs to be as random as a plastic bag being blown away by gusts of air ….random but with an undercurrent of consciousness….

So I deleted that blog immediately….and immediately I felt fresh.

I wrote something that I’d titled as the Manifesto…nothing grand…and very much private. i am not a believer of self help books…but I have always known what I am capable of and I have a clear picture of where I want to be. The Manifesto contains a set of steps to get to the Person…of WhoI could be…but Have Always Shied away from Being!

So there!….


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