Sex & the City and Five Screaming Girls

Yeah, right! There were five of us …. planning and plotting to leave the office & other headaches behind and have an evening to ourselves.

After month long discussions and failed online ticket bookings, Shalini and I hailed an auto to take us to Forum Mall. An eventful ride later, we went up to PVR Cinemas , all the while making plans to have lunch at McDonald’s. We stood in line for the kiosk to book our tickets. When our turn came, much to our pleasure, we found the exact seats we wanted. Thinking of a fat – cheesy burger, I slid the card through the slot to complete payment, and waited patiently for the tickets to appear. The kiosk spewed out all but one ticket. Quite frantic that the well laid plans were in trouble, we ran to the attendant. After many explanations, he sent a guy to look for the ticket lying in the kiosk. It was rescued later and handed over to us. Elated we were making our way across to McDonald’s, when our bosses called up to know our whereabouts. We packed our lunch and dashed back to the office. Little, did Shalini know, how she would have her lunch later. 🙂

I could not sit still for an hour..because later we were to start off from the office together (according to some complicated plan that involved scooters parked in office parking lots to exchange of cars) to go to Forum mall. It was a fun ride though…and after which I regard Shalini as one of the Best Women Drivers of all time. She would shortly be given a Lifetime Achievement Award at a small award ceremony(which is yet to be planned and would not include complications with vehicle parking, ticket booking, etc).

As soon as we entered Europa, a medley of smells accosted me…movie food with a hint of CK Eternity. There were women…I should rephrase that….There was a sea of women!!! Lovely outfits, makeup that was there but hardly visible…made me look like a gardener in dirty jeans and sweats! A couple of us dashed into the ladies room to make us look presentable.

Armed with a mmmmm-delicious chocolate cake, Triveni made her entrance into the movie theater. Thankfully it was dark and she could not see me drooling over the cake. Took a couple of helpings more than intended. The movie began. It would be injustice to write a review of the movie here, because you can read that anywhere else. However, I should get back to the Five Screaming Girls…We ooh-ed & aah-ed at the lovely outfits, NY, the forever humping dog, Carrie’s witty one-liners and many other things. In the interval, Utpala and Shalini fortified us with popcorns and softdrinks. We were able to resume our shouts, claps and oohs and aahs with renewed energy.

However, movie food is not food. It is not dinner. So a plan to visit McD was formed again. But before that we needed some retail therapy, which we got in Westside. I wish we had visited a few other alternatives as well. After the search for the elusive Mug ended, we threw ourselves in the ever-billowing throng at McD. Managed to find a table and get down to our antics. S, U & me tried to have a French Fry Fight. Tried out some people watching. Loads of gossip was exchanged. Old wife’s tales on health & beauty kept us quite engrossed. I learnt two new words that day: Condor and Rebonding. I still don’t know what they mean…but seem to be about hair. Triveni tried out some night photography with dogs. We went up to Transit to have some dessert and were finally chased out by members of the species Rattus rattus (Rats, for those who don’t know their Biology).

After a fun ride home, I invited the girls up for some coffee. A look at the empty dabbas in the pantry confirmed the suspicion that I had. There was no milk, no coffee and no soft drinks. Maybe sometime in the future, I would shoo everyone out of my home and invite the girls for a fun evening at home.

End note: Loved the day. We should do this sometime again. 🙂


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