Rules that I want to live by….and prosper

Results are not equal to time. Put first things first.

Know the right people, influence them your way.

Thinkers are never acknowledged. Do-ers get the applause. Shift to the other side.

People will be selfish. Forgive them. They don’t have to answer to you.

90% of everything is crap. Belong to the other 10%.

Be a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder. ( Be the best whatever you are!)

Your inner voice will guide you. Listen to that wise insight and then make the decision.


Do. Just get things done (the right way). Begin with the end in mind.

Just for the heck of it make it a habit to change something that does not directly influence you.

Uncertainty is inevitable. Think of it as a time to evaluate your position or as a time for self renewal.

Sharpen the saw as Covey sahab calls it!

Learn from the environment, people, objects, messages around you. Preempt situations. Plan.


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