Ode to an Amazing Flying Toaster

Python and the Flying Toaster Sketch: Courtesy Chi

I made a flying toaster,
It really was the best.
I was so passionate about it…
…that I told about it to the rest.

I stared at it so lovingly,
that I left all my work willingly.
I knew that all would be amazed,
when they saw it swoop, pop toast and fly…

With a fine steel body,
gleaming in my eye,
Wings of gossamer,
Flitting in the blue blue sky…

Up and up it went,
behind the clouds and beneath them…
Soaking up the sun in its tiny solar cells
Like a butterfly up in the sky…

Suddenly, it began to twitch and cry,
It hadn’t enough energy,
It really didn’t know why!?

You see even though it was a hybrid,
being passionate was all it had.


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