25 for 365

Time to set goals for 2009.
Without any more preamble, here they are:

1. Exercise. Get atleast 8-10 hours of exercise every week.

2. Sketch / Paint / Photograph everyday.

3. Be aggressive and proactive when it comes to work.

4. Learn to drive a car.

5. Stick to the daily To- Do list. But also, make time for relaxation.

6. Use a face toner and cleanser every night before going to bed. Make it a daily regime.

7. Eat healthy…drink cold coffee 🙂

8. Go trekking in the Himalayas

9. Visit IIT – K, Kanpur and Lucknow….eat chat

10. Go for an after dinner walk

11. Don’t procrastinate

12. Be attentive, focused and prompt

13. Make do with the things you already have. Limit shopping expenditure.

14. Get the cloth materials lying in the wardrobe stitched and embroider or paint them yourself

15. Drink coffee only once a day

16. Vacation with parents and in-laws

17. Get a dental checkup

18. Call up a family member every week

19. Surprise long lost friends with phonecalls

20. Blog regularly

21. Make greeting cards and write long letters to friends and family

22. Live by the Rules

23. Walk in with confidence and a smile

24. Remember to live in the present 🙂

25. Meditate and pray


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