Update to 25 for 365

Time to set goals for 2009.
Without any more preamble, here they are:

1. Exercise. Get atleast 8-10 hours of exercise every week. ( On it! )

2. Sketch / Paint / Photograph everyday. ( On it! )

3. Be aggressive and proactive when it comes to work. ( On it! )

4. Learn to drive a car. (DONE. (Still cannot drive alone. Need a companion for support.)

5. Stick to the daily To- Do list. But also, make time for relaxation. ( DOING EVERYDAY)

6. Use a face toner and cleanser every night before going to bed. Make it a daily regime. ( DOING EVERYDAY.)

7. Eat healthy…drink cold coffee :) ( DOING EVERYDAY.)

8. Go trekking in the Himalayas

9. Visit IIT – K, Kanpur and Lucknow….eat chat

10. Go for an after dinner walk. ( DOING ALMOST EVERYDAY.)

11. Don’t procrastinate. ( Difficult to follow. But am on it! )

12. Be attentive, focused and prompt. ( On it! )

13. Make do with the things you already have. Limit shopping expenditure. ( DONE. Have not gone shopping for clothes since the beginning of this year, except for T-shirts.)

14. Get the cloth materials lying in the wardrobe stitched and embroider or paint them yourself. ( Lost the embroidery threads.)

15. Drink coffee only once a day.  (Have brought down coffee intake to 1 cup of hot coffee and 1 mug of cold coffee)

16. Vacation with parents and in-laws

17. Get a dental checkup

18. Call up a family member every week ( On it! )

19. Surprise long lost friends with phone calls.

20. Blog regularly ( On it! )

21. Make greeting cards and write long letters to friends and family ( On it! )

22. Live by the Rules  ( On it! )

23. Walk in with confidence and a smile ( On it! )

24. Remember to live in the present :) ( On it! )

25. Meditate and pray( On it! )


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