From My Desk

The title seems to be a bit pretentious…but trust me, my desk isn’t at all pretentious.

My desk is humble and reflects what I am and what I do (and hopefully what I plan to do). My cubicle is in the last row and I have a window all to myself. The view is framed by two coconut trees and I have a clear view of the light blue skies. Today the sky looks grey and bleak. And it is making me write useless blog posts and ‘nazarandaz’ all my work.

My desk is also situated at an angle from which, I can not only hear everything (most of the things) that go on around me, but also keep an eye on who’s passing through. Apart from observing the coming and going of people, the desk is also in the vicinity of the water cooler. It also affords easy access to the foyer leading up to the restroom.

So this desk is in a unique position.

What about the people whose desks border on mine? Three immediate neighbors (actually two, since one is not in situ) provide me with ample laughs, engaging conversations and enough fodder for brainstorming. Then there are others, who do not sit right beside me but are my online neighbors. I have online conversations with these two people throughout the day. And it turns out (revelation in one of the online conversation) that we prefer to talk online. Which suits me, by the way.

Apart from these friends, by proximity, there are those friends which can be called as Mobiles. These friends visit my cubicle from time to time. By the way, I should add that people flock to our cluster of cubicles, mostly for gossip, to sketch on the communal sketch boards pasted onto the common area and eating sweets, etc. This happens regardless of people present in their own cubicles.

Getting back on track now. Well, these Mobiles drop in for impromptu brainstorming and chat sessions. Some of these mobiles are also ‘Screen Groakers‘. Groak means to look or stare at longingly, and they do just that. They will glide silently behind you and groak at your screen. They obviously do not mean to scare me or the others in our cluster, but they do sometimes. It is not their fault; is it the moth’s fault that it is attracted to light?

* This blog post was made possible with the help of no coffee (hence the despondency), lot of work (and no intention of completing it), boorish temperament, grey sky and of course the laptop from my desk.


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