Actions and reactions

Found this excerpt from a blog that I rarely visit (and should visit often)

I call a friend who’s been going through a tough time, personally and professionally and I am filled with admiration for his positive attitude in the face of so much adversity. He jokes around, reminisces and shares his plans for the future. It really is not what happens to you but how you react to it. More power to him.

(Emphasis is mine.)
I guess it is always up to us to make a choice. We are always given a choice or in other words an opportunity to act in a certain way. Choose a path, choose a person, choose a reaction…


5 thoughts on “Actions and reactions

    1. jmanjiri Post author

      It does…Anyhoo…am off to bring some order into all the random things I have been doing at work.

  1. Paridhi

    truely said.
    The choices we make in life…is what life makes us.
    but still i end up doing akkad bakkad bombay bol……

  2. Rashmi

    Ah, so you’ve been following Aditi Sodhi’s blog… She’s a good friend of mine, and I ought to introduce the two of you to each other. Come to think of it, you both will get along like a house on fire – you’re both random! 😀

    1. jmanjiri Post author

      Yup! I do read her blog.
      Randomness is so much better than applying reason and order to everything…
      Hmm, should write about randomness sometime soon.


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