I need a break

from every thing.

After hours of groaking at the laptop screen and hoping it will reveal its secrets to me, I just cannot take it anymore. There are no people around to have interesting conversations with. I am getting easily tired of doodling on my window.  Even 100 things is not helping. I ate my lunch early hoping it will rejuvenate me, but it has done quite the opposite. The hum of the AC is annoying me and a migraine has started inching its way up my neck. I have been to the restroom umpteen times to check my face in the mirror, wash it with a soap free face wash, brush my hair and straighten my spectacles. The women on my floor must have started thinking that I live there!

I have gone for a couple of walks. Drank almost black coffee twice before lunch, and as a result increased my trips to the loo. I have visited all blogs that I have bookmarked. I have made 5 origami cranes. I have chatted online since morning. I have looked up my horoscope for today atleast thrice, as if it is going to change. I have posted 4 posts, one of them is this. I started making diagrams for work but even that fails to garner my interest for more than 15 minutes.

I don’t want to go out into the sun, because my skin burns easily. I don’t want to go alone. I am still sulking after a small squabble yesterday night. I don’t want to go and hunt for books. I don’t want to go to a cafe and have coffee all by myself. I will not be able to enjoy retail therapy. I don’t want to make/ eat my favorite pasta salad.

Things that cheer me up are not doing so. I just cannot find respite from this restlessness.

What should I do?


2 thoughts on “I need a break

    1. jmanjiri Post author

      I am sure I would enjoy all the singing. But am not sure about the people sitting around me!


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