Gyaan…at my alma mater

I have been asked to give a talk (as an alumni) to the two batches of students ( graduating batch and their juniors) studying at Design Programme at IIT Kanpur.  To tell the truth, I am a bit intimidated by them. What should I tell a bunch of super talented people?!

Here are some thoughts and working titles for the talk and presentation that I had:

1. The Real World ( life outside DP)

2. 10 x 10 (10 slides in 10 minutes, rather like Pecha Kucha)

3. What I do, Where I do it and How do I do it ( sounds rather tongue in cheek): about my work, my core functional areas, etc

4. 10 steps to  enjoy working in a corporate design team

5. The Healthy Design Diet (How to be on a healthy design diet and trim fat?)

What are your thoughts?

Also suggest the tone of the presentation:

1. Advice (usually falls on deaf ears and as a student I hated when people gave me advice)

2. This is ME (ye lo yaar, another person touting her achievements: original / fake)

3. Agony Aunt Session ( Ask me anything … I can even dance for you! )


5 thoughts on “Gyaan…at my alma mater

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  2. Chi

    Abhijit, Bairagi (IE10) [5:39 PM]:
    talk about the good old days….u r an alumni too
    Deshpande, Manjiri (Design !nnovation) [5:40 PM]:
    put this in the comments, na


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