Poked my Name

I poked my name at Poke my Name (what a no brainer!)

And this is the result: Result

An excerpt of the result with my comments:

  • MANJIRI is the most popular 18537.th name in USA (… 18535.zondlo , 18536.mariles , 18537.manjiri , 18538.myun , 18539.roopam …). One in every 351,102 Americans are named as MANJIRI and popularity of name MANJIRI is 2.85 people per million.

If we compare the popularity statistics of MANJIRI to USA’s population statistics, we can estimate that as of April.07.2009 07:02 there are 873 people named as MANJIRI in the United States and the number of MANJIRI’s are increasing by 7 people every year. ( and I am increasing by 10 kgs per year since marriage )

  • Rhyming Names According to Last 4 Letters (JIRI) – Names That Ends with jiri:

Jiri, Nojiri ( There is Jiri and then there is its opposite No jiri)

  • The sum of alphabetical order of letters in MANJIRI is 74:
    Some words from the dictionary with the same aritmetic sum of 74 are:

    jolly, obedient, proud


2 thoughts on “Poked my Name

  1. Rashmi

    😀 This is brilliant! I was suddenly reminded of this awesome birthday card you gave me many years ago – something about jolly and happy and pappu and who all are wishing me a happy birthday… Now I know who the Jolly was!


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