Source Unknown

Found this on my laptop today. I don’t know the source 😦

1. Work out at the gym at least three days a week.

2. Eat healthy.

3. Remember to recharge the spirit—have a moment of silence and prayer to empower the day.

4. Hug hubby, kids, and cats whenever the opportunity presents itself even if it means breaking the train of thought.

5. Breathe—especially when situations present opportunities to get stressed.

6. If you don’t know, ask someone. “Ask and you shall receive.”

7. Give yourself a break. If you get frustrated, change your environment. Go for a two minute walk to clear your mind.

8. Plan when you can. Do what you can before you have to even if it is a small action list for a project.

9. Praise yourself for not procrastinating until the very last minute.

10. Make time to spend with those who care about you (once a week at the very least).

11. Be flexible. Some days may be conducive to rules and other days may not.


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