BTs from all the days that I did not write in this space

1. Got myself one of these babies. Photos taken using this phone’s camera will be up shortly on Visual Trademarks.

2. Flowers (a lot of them) bought from Gandhi Bazaar, early in the morning, remind me of crisp, fresh air and the vivid colors in the flower shop.

3. Sameer and me joined a group that trains for 10K, half marathons and marathons. I have started enjoying running like never before. Running on a treadmill is so boring! Whereas running early in the morning at 6am, breathing fresh air, pushing my body to perform and running that extra mile in every run is so much fulfilling.  I might still be a beginner at running but I am starting to understand why Sameer loves it very much.

4. Yoga mat bought as a spur of the moment purchase, inspired me to do surya namaskar everyday. The fact that I hurt my knee and haven’t done it since a couple of weeks, is another matter!

5. Planning for a trekking holiday in the Himalayas. We are going to the Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib and Badrinath. I am hoping that we also get to do white water rafting. I have done it once before and want Sameer to feel that rush, when the raft paves its way across the rapids.

6. Table tennis everyday. I am a beginner at that as well. But I am learning…but I keep hoping that we would find a good badminton court near to the house and we use those Yonex rackets that Sameer and I bought for ourselves. We used to train with the same Badminton coach, when we were kids.

7. Whole wheat spaghetti with veggies…. 😀

8. Talking to my sis almost everyday.

9. Rain. But I wish it would stop now…

10. Award at the office.

11. Article getting published.

12. Work….have never mentioned work in a 3BT post before. But, yes, it has been good.

13. Cold coffee every evening.

14. Friends getting married.

15. Watching the rain laden clouds sail across the sky like a spanish armada…or a pregnant lady.

16. Which reminds me…Viewing photos of friends with babies on Orkut. Never know most of them were pregnant, so it was a nice surprise.

17. Cubbon Park….so much better than Lalbagh. But then nothing beats playing frisbee in Lalbagh with a Anindo, Shibika, Mainak and Mayank.

18. The picture of Sameer that I painted when we both were angry with each other. It helped us cool down…it was funny.

19. Countdown to the 4th wedding anniversary.

20. Countdown to the 28th birthday.


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