Leaving behind the Sankat city…4 days to go…

The countdown to the vacation begins….I am happy to leave Bangalore, in spite of weather.com predicting thunderstorms and landslides in Rishikesh and Badrinath… I really don’t care. We would be stopping in Delhi for sometime on Friday… so I am hoping to squeeze in a chaat session 😛

There is lots of pending work and I was scared stiff about completing it…now, I have just given up 🙂 it is not going to get done in 4 days :(….so why worry…

Listening to ‘Dhan tan naan’ fromK aminey….mast…and hence, the rocking start 😀 …all the songs are amazing….I am eagerly waiting for the movie now.

This is my horoscope for the day and the week.

Someone may give you just what you need, and you won’t have to ask. It’s like magic!

Overview: You may not want to deal with feelings right now, but your communication style is actually perfect for talking about and understanding the soft, mushy side of life. Get into it with someone close.

As the week begins, you’ll find yourself in possession of unusually good instincts — along with the initiative and assertiveness to put those gut feelings into action. Monday and Tuesday are both good days for starting something new. On Wednesday, Thursday and the early part of Friday, you can parlay that assertiveness into an amazing streak of achievement. You’re positively radiating confidence and charisma right now. Others will have nothing but admiration for you — and they’ll either give you a hand or get out of the way. Late Friday and on into the weekend, take time out to reassess the big picture (and, if necessary, make big new plans).

With a horoscope like that….I can take comfort in knowing (or assuming) that everything will be alright.


2 thoughts on “Leaving behind the Sankat city…4 days to go…

  1. Premlata

    Hi Manjiri, i really like that song as well (and other songs from the movie too). Got t know of ur blog from Rashmi’s blog page.
    Nice reading your thoughts and have fun filled vacation!!


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