13BTs to make up for the lack of posting

1. Kaminey songs….especially, the title song sung by Vishal Bharadwaj
2. Thank God for those side splittingly funny songs from the movie Quick Gun Murugan. They provide a relaxing break from work.
3. Hot soup, warm toast, snuggly blanket to warm my toes in when I had fever for an entire week.
4. The river is a constant companion while we trek.
5. My diary. Writing the days events, during the trek, at the end of each day is a pain reliever. Takes my mind off the pain in my legs.
5. The masseuse at the GMVN rest house in Ghangaria. His hands work magic on our legs. Slowly but steadily his clientele increases.
6. Birthday weekend! Lunch at Little Italy, an afternoon of shopping sponsored by hubby dearest.
7. Lamenting the closure of a college hangout back home, with a school-mate.

8. Aloo jeera, anda bhurji freshly made at the Ghangaria resort is heavenly! With warm rotis, it is a complete meal for me.

9. Lines. I love photographing lines.

10. My parents. They are so fit, that it would put a 25 year old to shame. They trekked all the way, 60km in 4 days! I was the weakest kudi of the group!

11. Grandparents.

12. How can I forget pasta? Whole wheat penne with all sorts of veggies, a bit of cheese and salad dressing made with olive oil, lemon, vinegar, lemon rind, black pepper and italian seasoning.

13. Surprised voices, peals of laughter, tears of joy….


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