What makes me happy?

Smiles from loved ones

Unexpected nice smiles from people walking by (not the creepy smiles, from creepy people or fake smiles from nasty people)


Summer showers

Watching peacocks silhouetted on the huge rocks in the evening sun, behind Microsoft.

Gopichand academy in the evening…full of activity

Jogging at dawn

Driving down to the academy for aerobics

Balcony evenings: helping Mihir water the plants, watching the sun set over the rocks, drinking cold coffee

Smell of grilled veggies

Strains of Raaga Hamsadhwani floating in from the headphones kept on someone’s table …going back and searching for the same Raaga on Santoor played by Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma and listening to it

My new Baggit purse

Shopping on Filpkart and adding stuff to my wishlist

Getting a call from Flipkart delivery people saying ” Madam, I am in Mailroom. Delivery aaya hai.”

Listening to Kya Khayal Hai with eyes closed.

Sameer and Mihir laughing and playing


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