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Book Wishlist

1. Alexander McCall Smith

  • The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
    • The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
    • Tears of the Giraffe
    • Morality for Beautiful Girls
    • The Kalahari Typing School for Men
    • The Full Cupboard of Life
    • In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
    • Blue Shoes and Happiness
    • The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
    • The Miracle at Speedy Motors
    • Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
    • The Double Comfort Safari Club
    • The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party
    • The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection
  • The 44 Scotland Street Series
    • 44 Scotland Street
    • Espresso Tales
    • Love Over Scotland
    • The World According to Bertie
    • The Unbearable Lightness of Scones
    • The Importance of Being Seven
    • Bertie Plays The Blues
    • Sunshine on Scotland Street
  • The Sunday Philosophy Club Series
    • The Sunday Philosophy Club
    • Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
    • The Right Attitude to Rain
    • The Careful Use of Compliments
    • The Comfort of Saturdays
    • The Lost Art of Gratitude
    • The Charming Quirks of Others
    • The Forgotten Affairs of Youth
    • The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds
  • The Corduroy Mansion Series
    • Corduroy Mansions
    • The Dog Who Came In From The Cold
    • A Conspiracy of Friends
  • Other:
    • The 2½ Pillars of Wisdom
    • Unusual Uses for Olive Oil
    • Mma Ramotswe’s Cookbook
    • La’s Orchestra Saves the World
    • Precious and the Puggies
    • Trains and Lovers
    • Precious and the Monkeys

Alain de Botton on books and reading

“Heartache may be bad for the soul, but it’s great for bookshops. It’s when we are at our lowest romantic ebb that we are likely to do the bulk of our life’s reading. Adolescents who can’t get a date are in a uniquely privileged position: they will have the perfect chance to get grounding in world literature. There is perhaps an important connection between love and reading, there is perhaps a comparable pleasure offered by both.

A feeling of connection may be at the root of it. There are books that speak to us, no less eloquently—but more reliably—than our lovers. They prevent the morose suspicion that we do not fully belong to the human species, that we lie beyond comprehension. Our embarrassments, our sulks, our feelings of guilt, these phenomena may be conveyed on a page in a way that affords us with a sense self-recognition. The author has located words to depict a situation we thought ourselves alone in feeling, and for a few moments, we are like two lovers on an early dinner date thrilled to discover how much they share (and unable to touch much of the seafood linguine in front of them, so busy are they fathoming the eyes opposite), we may place the book down for a second and stare at its spine with a wry smile, as if to say, “How lucky I ran into you.”
― Alain de Botton

I like cars. I wonder what it’s like to move at such a high speed and to be in control of where you’re going. There are always two women in my cars. One drives and the other looks out of the window.

I want to be both of those women.

– Tejubehan

On my wishlist, is Tara Books ‘ newest publication: Drawing from the City. This is a personal story of  Teju behen, who has chosen to relate her story in ink drawings in the Patua style.

Tara Books description about the book, captivates me. Hand-drawn , hand made objects are more personal and more valuable to me than any other artefact. They are priceless.

In her review of this book, Maria Popova (via BrainPickings) calls this an analog labour of love in your analog human hands. I couldn’t agree more!