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3BT (long time)

1. Kicks…Little kicks (not to be confused with this.)

2. My eldest cousin calling me up and acting all ‘Big Brotherly’.

3. Warm, mushy khichadi with papad for dinner.

4. Relaxing foot massage given by S.

5. God has hit the Pause button on the incessant rain.

6. Waking up to find that lunch has already been made by the maid.

7. Lavender flavored aromatherapy soap from FabIndia….relaxes me immediately.

8. Little cushion between the back and chair.

9. Getting a good morning email from P.

10. Bean bag under my legs while I work. My legs sink into the cushioning.

11. A small paper boat made by A and named INS Viraat R22, kept on my desk makes me smile.

12. Good hair day.

13. Regulated weight gain. Though, I need to exercise more often.

14. Pride and Prejudice. Watching the romance between Lizzy and Darcy.

15. Music…instrumental and vocal hindustani classical music

16. Planning for leave

17. Oranges ….love them.

18. Watching a rainbow (well half of it) , while stuck in traffic

19. Watching ‘Ashi hi Banva Banvi‘ while I work. Videos available here: Part 1, Part 2

20. Going home at the end of each day satisfied with how the day has gone.


Random thoughts from my thinking device

1. Inspiration strikes me and I make a plan….This is the easy part. The difficult part is to follow it.But, based on my track record, I am confident of following it through.

2. I wish to take a break from work in a year or so. Unlearn and learn new things. Do things that I have wanted to do for some time now.Another thought strikes me, can I do the things I have wanted to do, on the side? Will I be able to manage work / hobby / home / leisure?

3. I want to sing loudly in the office….the song moves me and my feet…seems like I also want to dance. People might see me dancing, hear me singing off key. People did not bother me earlier, what has happened now? Have I grown up? Have I changed?

4. The sweet corn with paneer bits, a small dollop of salted butter, a dash of italian seasoning and white and black pepper and lemon with a sprig of coriander leaves is amazing to taste. That is my mini-meal of the day.

5. Why do I need to number the thoughts….doesn’t numbering items lead to loss of randomness? What is randomness?