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Goofing up on Wikipedia

Some bloopers in Wikipedia articles that I came across today:

  • The creative mind of Rohit Roy is not limited to Acting only, but he made such a nice movie named, “RICE PLATE” as one of the Director in “Dus Kahaniyan”. The cast includes Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah, A Hindu woman and a Muslim man’s journey over a rice plate. It is about the challenge that the woman faces when a strange man claims her plate of rice.
  • Dharmendra married twice and has maintained both his wives. His first marriage is to Prakash Kaur at the age of 19 in 1954.His second marriage to actress Hema Malini took place after Dharmendra accepted Islam and changed his name to Dilawar Khan as his first wife refused to divorse him.
  • He has recently become active in politics. He was elected as a Member of Parliament in the 2004 general elections, from Bikaner in Rajasthan, on a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket. During his election campaign, he made an ironic remark that he should be elected Dictator Perpetuus to teach “basic etiquette that democracy requires” for which he was severely criticized.Dharmendra has rarely attended the Parliament when the house was in session, preferring to spend the time shooting for movies or doing farming at his farm house. He has also not participated in any debates or raised any queries.Along with actor Govinda, Dharmendra has been criticised for ignoring his duties as a Member of Parliament.
  • Speaking on the occasion Dilip Kumar commented ,“Whenever I get to meet with God Almighty I will set before Him my only complaint-why did You not make me as handsome as Dharmendra?”
  • Pandit was always confined to play a typical Indian heroine who could do no wrong and romance the hero according to his convenience.
  • Her husband tried to become a Bollywood film star; ultimately he was unsuccessful in acting and in marriage. Reena initially lost custody of their daughter Sanam in the divorce. However, after her ex-husband married a younger woman who didn’t want to raise a child, Reena regained custody.
  • Top Bollywood stars like Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra proposed to her, but she married Dharmendra on 2 May 1980. After turning down marriage proposals from Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra, she met with hot fellow actor, Dharmendra, both were attracted to each other and wanted to get married.