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Random thoughts from my thinking device

1. Inspiration strikes me and I make a plan….This is the easy part. The difficult part is to follow it.But, based on my track record, I am confident of following it through.

2. I wish to take a break from work in a year or so. Unlearn and learn new things. Do things that I have wanted to do for some time now.Another thought strikes me, can I do the things I have wanted to do, on the side? Will I be able to manage work / hobby / home / leisure?

3. I want to sing loudly in the office….the song moves me and my feet…seems like I also want to dance. People might see me dancing, hear me singing off key. People did not bother me earlier, what has happened now? Have I grown up? Have I changed?

4. The sweet corn with paneer bits, a small dollop of salted butter, a dash of italian seasoning and white and black pepper and lemon with a sprig of coriander leaves is amazing to taste. That is my mini-meal of the day.

5. Why do I need to number the thoughts….doesn’t numbering items lead to loss of randomness? What is randomness?